Critical Steps to Making it in Business
#MustDoThis is about doing the critical step that can make or break your business and/or life goals.

Let me ask you something. Have you ever wondered:

--> Why many new startups fail within 3 years?

--> Why at times you are not driven towards your goals?

--> If there is something holding you back that causes you to procrastinate?

--> Why you are stuck at your current position?

It's no mystery that the difference between those who fail and those who succeed is Taking Action. But not just your everyday motivational poster to Take Action. You have to
Take Manageable Decisive Action.

Did you know there is this 'Human Flaw' that causes us to delay our tasks? A law that defines this? And there is a proven psychological method to overcome this?

It all begins by putting everything down on paper and strategically planning your goals out.

This is something that you #MustDoThis to make it. This workshop is going to be less talking and more hands-on, practical and interactive goal planning.

If you are a new Entrepreneur, a Fresh Startup Owner, an SME looking to grow or someone who wants to start a business, this workshop is for you.


--> 6 Components of Personal Capital: Here you will dive into the 6 Components that you have to implement into ourselves that will enable you to achieve your goals

--> The Art of Goal Getting: Based on psychological research studies on goal getting, you will learn the suggested steps that will automatically prime yourself to achieve your goals. You will learn the correct methods of writing your goals for optimal performance by following 4 simple rules!

--> The 'Human Flaw' Law and How to overcome it through Written Proximal Goals. This method allows you to achieve your goals more effectively while staying on your track

--> [PRACTICAL] Writing Out Your Goals/Plans with Guidance from me - Taher Topiwala


WHEN: Thurs, 11 September 2014
TIME: 730pm to 10pm
WHERE: 38B Orchard Road, MacDonalds House. Next to Plaza Sing.


If you attended the previous #JustDoOnly event and signed up with the BEST or VIP ticket, you get to come for FREE!

If you attended the previous #JustDoOnly event and signed up with the BEST or VIP ticket, you get to come for FREE!

FREE: Ticket only (Limited to 5 seats only)

BEST: $29 (incl of tickets, notes & 18 mins Skype Call with Taher Topiwala)

VIP: $119 (incl of tickets, notes, one-hour FREE coaching with Taher Topiwala and one FREE ENTRY to Personal Business Mastery Day 1 session [worth $1552]). PLUS FREE ticket (worth $79) to attend Raymond Aaron seminar AND an invitation to a Mastermind group with Dave Rogers and myself.

As it is said, you make an investment towards your life, you are determined to make it worth it.

Note: BEST & VIP Sign Ups for this workshop will gain priority entry to other Half-Day Workshops :)

This session is LIMITED to only 10 seats as we want to be able to review and focus on all written goals from each participant.

Note: Sign Ups for this workshop will gain priority entry to other Half-Day Workshops :)


Send an SMS with this format:
Name, I WILL DO, Ticket choice to 90178884


Register online via credit card:

First I told you to #JustDoOnly, now we #MustDo!

Because we deserve to live a life of happiness and choice. #BuzzYea

Looking forward to giving great value to you.

Strive, Have Faith and Live with Content.

Taher Topiwala
Founder & CDO
Honeycomb Initiative

Personal Business Mastery
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Thu Sep 11, 2014
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